Amy Frost, MBA, MA in Spiritual PsychologyCoach, Life Manager, Triage Specialist, Keynote Speaker, Trainer

Coach, Life Manager, Triage Specialist, Keynote Speaker, Trainer

Happy Tuesday!!!

We finish our Music 4 Life® GREAT finale to 2014 Dare to BE Happy Challenge this week. 

Everything for the past year has lead us to now doing the release, celebration and preparation to who we will BE in 2015.

Last week we focused on Living with Heart - The Life Style.  My AHA was: Be mindful in everything I do it all matters.  And, be in my center before I ACT!

Buddhist Sutra:  Unceasing change turns the wheel of life, and so reality is shown in all its many forms.  Dwell peacefully as change itself liberates all suffering sentient beings and brings them great joy.

This year and this phase of our continuing DARE to BE Happy challenging by honoring what we accomplished in 2014, doing work to release ties and beliefs that now longer serve us and open up our success cube for an heartful, grateful and successful 2015. 
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Music 4 Life® Dare To BE Happy Challenge 2014 Finale 
Sep 2 through Dec 30, 2014
Amy Frost and Judith Pinkerton

Process for Dare To BE Happy Challenge:
This Day/Week’s topic in Music 4 Life® Circles is Releasing and Celebrating 2014on Tuesday Dec 30 from  4-5:55 pm.  At 6pm we will be on the radio show to continue this work with all of you.  On Jan 1st at 1:15pm PT we will be meeting at Exploration Peak to stepping fully into this year of our dreams (leaving our nightmares below!!!)

In Grace, Amy