Amy Frost, MBA, MA in Spiritual PsychologyCoach, Life Manager, Triage Specialist, Keynote Speaker, Trainer

Coach, Life Manager, Triage Specialist, Keynote Speaker, Trainer

Living with Heart - The Life Style

Happy Tuesday!!!

We continue with the  Music 4 Life® GREAT finale to 2014 Dare to BE Happy Challenge.  

Last week we focused on Moving from Burnout to Inspiration My AHA was: I need to be mindful of what is happening with me unceasingly.  Even when I am inspired I can do too much and wear myself out to the point of illness.

It’s only through the heart that one can see clearly.  Glenda Green

This week we will discuss and practice tools to live with heart as a way of BEing.  To use the brain in your heart over the brain in your head.

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Music 4 Life® Dare To BE Happy Challenge 2014 Finale 
Sep 2 through Dec 30, 2014
Amy Frost and Judith Pinkerton

Process for Dare To BE Happy Challenge:
This Day/Week’s topic in Music 4 Life® Circles is Living with Heart - The Life Style, on Tuesday Dec 16 at 4 pm, and Friday Dec 19th at 1pm.   Make sure to join us at Noon for M4L Self Care Tele-Circle - Ph:  (712) 432-1212 - Code 676-773-827#.
Heartfully Yours, Amy